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Stage lighting


It is a dreamy technology of stage art lighting (Lighting Test), with the gut development, it can create sense of stage spacing or time. figure exterior visualize of stage performance and provide many lighting effects such as wind, rain, cloud, water etc.


According to the recordation, from AD 1102 of Song Dynasty in Kaifeng, there was a “Acrobatic” show in every Lantern Festival Day. At the two sides of stage, hanging with one lamp (Lamp Test) bulb which lighted with candle in them. So this is the original creating of lamp house by chinese.At the beginning of 20 centuries, Stage artist A. Appia and British director & Stage artist Gordon Gray put forward lighting art sculpt theory, request the lamp should be able to express sense of vision sculpture, sense of music and sense of movement in the stage space. It’s been fully proved by practice that it can carve out a widly world for stage lighting arts.


Here we can disccuss the application of LED lamps in the use of stage lighting:


-LED spotlight:

  It can adjust size of facula, the beam of light form condenser lens is concentrated and has many kinds of power.

  Soft light:it has large diffusion area

Signal light:with no lens, the beam lights shoot from the specula, usally used when needs to express intense lamp house and lightness,

Ellipsoidal spotlight:the main feature is it can cut facula into square , rhombus, triangle etc. and it can shoot out various of pattern or flower.


-LED flood light:

 For the large area lighting


-LED PAR light:

 Shoot out regular beam of lighting, the size of the facula can not be adjusted.


Tips:How to build a stage spotlight?


1) Remove the bottom of a metal coffee can by using a hand-held or electric can opener.


2) Paint the coffee can black on the outside. Use Thurmalox paint or any paint that is formulated to withstand high temperatures.


3) Drill a hole big enough to fit the cord and light assembly into the removed bottom of the coffee can using a 3/4 inch drill bit. Paint the bottom on both sides.


4) Line the hole with electrical tape to prevent the sharp edges from shredding the plastic on the cord.


5) Run the cord for the light (Light Measurement) sock/cord set through the hole you made in the removed bottom of the can.


6) Place the bottom of the can, along with the cord and fixture, inside the painted can. Fix the bottom of the can in place with electrical tape.


7) Use the metal clamp to attach the cord to a board or other fixed surface.



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